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Address of Trust and Quality in Wooden Pallet Production


Established in Ordu in 2019, ATEMWOOD serves in the Wood Pallet and Forest Products sector.

ATEMWOOD produces high-tech Euro EPAL pallets, ISPM 15 certified special wood pallets and construction timber to meet the storage and logistics needs of many business lines in the supply chain.

We are proud to serve you with our work focused on customer satisfaction and customer trust.

We are here to help you make your business more efficient and reduce your costs by providing economical solutions.

We effectively manage our logistics operations to fully meet delivery times and ensure your business runs smoothly.

By offering recyclable and environmentally friendly products, we want to help you reduce the environmental impact of your business and support your sustainability goals.

ahşap palet

We Take Your Load On Us.

With a quality-oriented production approach based on customer satisfaction, which has designed its technological infrastructure to meet the needs of the sector, We take the burden of the exporter on us.

euro pallet

We are EPAL certified EURO Pallet manufacturer.

While EPAL provides cost savings for the user of its pallets, it is also an advantage for the environment.

They are pallets in the standards specified by the European Pallet Association (e.V.) and are the most widely used pallets worldwide.

The production of pallets is within the authority and the quality control is inspected by international inspection companies.

It has the world's largest open pallet changing pool. You can minimize the shipping costs of your products by seamlessly exchanging purchased EPAL pallets with your international partners.

Since 2010 all EPAL pallets are treated according to ISPM 15.

Thanks to their high quality, Wooden Pallets are durable and provide maximum work safety.

We produce wooden pallets in requested sizes and dimensions in compliance with European standards and regulations for health, safety, environment and product quality at every stage of the supply chain.

wooden pallet
construction timber

One of the most important conditions for contemporary construction projects is the use of natural building materials that are not harmful to health.

Wood; It is an indispensable material that has been used by human beings since its existence, due to its appearance, aesthetics, isolation and ease of giving the desired forum.

It is easy to work and the desired shape can be given even in the construction site environment.

It is used as a carrier and decorative material in roof elements, joinery and covering material, formwork and scaffolding.

Construction timbers are required at every stage of construction.


     In Wooden Pallets and Forest Products Best Quality Alternatives
            With You We meet.

Wood, a natural, organic material; It is a material compatible with nature, recycle,
in the production and application phases
does not cause environmental pollution.

ahşap palet geri dönüşüm
Atem palet

In our country and all over the world, In International Standards, With Stable and Quality Production
We are Working for Better Service.

You can contact us for more information about our products and services.


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8:00 – 18:00

8:00 – 18:00



Karsiyaka District Veysel Akgun Street

No: 4/16 Kar Plaza 3rd Floor Altınordu/ORDU


Aydinlar District No: 233/2 Ulubey/ ORDU

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