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Our Policies

Our quality policy

To be a reliable and sought-after company that fully meets customer needs and expectations,

To follow the technological developments in the sector closely and to implement innovations in order to increase the profitability of its customers in all its activities,

To continuously increase the competence and quality level of the employees by giving importance to teamwork,

Constantly measuring and improving the quality it achieves

To cooperate with our business partners based on trust,

To announce the name of our company more,

To contribute to the country's economy, respectful to the society and environment we live in.


It has determined as the Quality Policy.

Environmental Policy

To protect the environment by using natural resources in the most effective way.

To take applicable measures to protect the environment and prevent environmental pollution.


As ATEM Pallet family,

We aim to grow in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way and to produce with environmentally friendly technologies.

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